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About Us

Food processing industry for the quality, hygienic food and fast production processes, which can have direct contact with the foam plates have been produced. In our production we use best quality raw materials for food regulation. To capture the desired accuracy, with our production stage extrusion, thermoforming and our recycling department consists of fully PLC controlled systems and SERVO.

Our products are produced according to the world standards of hygiene. Our factory is ISO 9001 certified since 200. As of 2005, ISO-14001 and ISO-22000 certified production continues.

Use polystyrene foam plates enrich food products as physical appearance, facilitates the handling and shipping. Thanks to the flat surface of the bottom foam plates reduce the pressure from above and prevent the flow of liquids, so they deserve products that preserves the appearance of clean and hygiene.

In polystyrene foam plates, plastic plates less than the other polymers used and is widely used because it is economical. Our foam plates of food industry, especially red meat, poultry, fish, fruits and dry food packaging are using.

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