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Kapron Turkey





Fields and Goals of Application

  • Used for the purpose of heat, moisture and voice isolation of all building’s wall, ceiling and pavements.

General Definition

  • Kapron is made up of recycled material and it is eco-friendly.
  • As a result of production method and chemicals that used in, it is a material that doesn’t consist of CFC and doesnTeh’t damage to the ozone layer.
  • Thanks to its closed cell structure, it doesn’t have moisture and water transmissivity.
  • Their pressure resistances are high and don’t become deformed easily.
  • Easily applied to all kinds of surfaces.
  • They can easily carry all kinds of surface coverings thanks to top tensile strengths (in case of performing an application according to firm’s technical details)
  • Don’t consist of toxic substance. Used in food package sector.

Advantages of Laminated and Laminated Flooring


  • Easily carried and shaped by craft knife.
  • A perfect material for floating system parquetry.
  • Laid down reverse to parquetry way. No need for any glue or plaster. (absolutely need to lay down 0.15 micron thickness PE nylon on new smack and empty grounds)
  • Resistant to moisture and water (closing the seams by aluminum foil, provides a perfect moisture isolation)
  • Provides a perfect heat isolation
  • Provides a voice isolation by 21db
  • Creates smooth and lasting surfaces for parquet by covering the cracks and removing the small rubs.
  • Thanks to kinds of structure and thickness it provides opportunity for cable conduit under the parquet.
  • No usage on the floor heating system

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